Turkey ragu

jonathan, did you know that the reason why fusilli pasta is so great for meatier sauces is because the curliness holds the chunky stuff so well???

you HAVE to make this for your suitemates. it’s so, so good. erica and aisha and ben all really, really liked it and it was wonderful. =)

i pretty much stuck to the recipe, except i used 16 oz of pasta (one whole package), a lot less turkey (about 1.3 oz – i don’t think that’s 2lbs), and no white wine (none on hand, though it probably would’ve tasted even better).

(i would suggest leaving about an hour and a half before dinner, considering the time you’ll need to let the sauce just simmer bit.)

and the fusilli cooks like rapidfire once you put it in the boiling water, be aware!


you HAVE to do this one.

go to: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Turkey-Ragu-with-Pasta-101058


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