Arugula, broccoli and carrot (ABC!!!) frittata

I suspected frittatas were fantastically simple. And ’twas true.

Seriously, it’s like: throw-down the grated carrot, some chopped arugula, bite-size broccoli bits, some sauteed garlic, some eggs yo, some cream for fluff, some parmesan half-way through the baking… A beautiful empty slate.

There are so many different frittata strategies; we used a loaf pan instead of a shallow skillet, we baked and broiled it all the way rather than half-utilized the stove.

And you can put in whatever combo of ingredients you want, really. (If you want it quite peppery, feel free to follow the arugula + lots of pepper combo we ended up pursuing.)

This was great. And indeed, we ate it over “Never Been Kissed.” Lol!!! (Drew Barrymore, oh man.)

Portion note: Jonathan, I honestly feel like you could eat this entire frittata yourself, if you were down with the idea of downing essentially six eggs, and you found it super tasty. (BTW: In “Beauty and the Beast,” Gaston says he eats five thousand eggs every day.) La frittata… is so wonderful-luffy. Perhaps great for brunch – in a totally non-Italian way. (Appropriately so, as we’re not in Italy.)


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