Salmon redux

I know this is something you’ve sort of seen already, and that it shouldn’t happen that I’m repeating a recipe when I’ve only posted like four. But it’s worth it.

The sockeye was on sale so, you know, you need to buy it.

A couple of hours before cooking, drizzle a bit of olive oil onto it and loads of rosemary, then wrap it up in Saran for a little and refrigerate it.

Fry it with the skin side up on medium-high until the lower half of the fillet becomes a lighter pink. You can tell by looking at the side of it. Flip it over and leave it until it’s cooked what you’d like. Not too long or you’ll dry it out. After plating add salt and pepper.

I preferred this to the baked salmon because one, it was faster, two, the nasty denatured protein can’t seep out when cooking this way, and three, a quick frying compliments the taste of the fish. With baking, it was like covering up the farminess.


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  1. no, it’s okay that you posted this a second time – i feel like you’re becoming a salmon expert. also, it helpfully reminded me how much i want to make your rosemary salmon in general.

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