Chocolate chip banana bread

Jonathan! You just called home saying you arrived in Pittsburgh. So I hereby honor your safe landing with a blog post commemoration of our choco chip banana bread, with the recipe we used from Love and Olive Oil.

It’s almost gone, by the way. It’s much too good to hang around lazily on the counter. I’m eating a slice right now (not my first today, big surprise).

For the rest of y’all reading this, a lack of ingredients made us halve the butter and cut down on sugar… and it was Still So, So Good.

The soymilk really added something, I’m sure.

Oven time (perhaps because of the ingredient changes?) was also only 40 minutes, exactly.

Also, I’m realizing that the medium size-ness of our chocolate chips (rather than teeny ones) worked SO well, because they were big enough to get significantly caught up in banana mash spots. Best parts, ever!

Job well done, Jonathan.



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