Happy green vegetable soup

What happens after you have finished off the most delicious chocolate chip banana bread ever (see prior post)? You crave some of those green vegetables that were so sadly forgotten… But that’s okay. Reunion party!!! In the blender!!!

That is, I got all shaved carrot and snow peas (thank you, Trader Joe’s) in a pot of boiling water, threw in some garlic (I had never boiled garlic before), threw in some spring onions…

And then threw it all in the blender with the rest of my arugula, and some dijon mustard and ground cumin to top it all off.

But all [delicious] things come to an end, as did this soup – in my tummy. (Which is surely not the prettiest color right now.)

And, by the way, if the party gets too dense and crowded, all it needs is a bit of water.


P.S. Jonathan, I dunno if you have a blender… if you don’t, we’ll just try this at home together later. Ohmygosh we should TOTALLY do a rainbow soup series!!!


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