Blackberry coconut macaroons

Despite what you may think, these are not, in fact, balls of purple rice. (Though that’s great, too, of course – maybe an idea for another day.)

On the contrary, these are the toastiest, flakiest, most coconutty (WordPress doesn’t think that’s a word) concoctions that have been created in this kitchen. In the process, not having a large enough food processor did make me sweat (so I did things in small batches and many bowls); so did the fact that the batter seemed slightly watery when I was prepping them for the tray (a fact I ignored, and replaced with hope for the best).

SmittenKitchen came through with flying colors, though, as always. (I even commented on the site to say so! Tee hee.) Two recipe changes: I used blackberries instead of raspberries (couldn’t find raspberries), vanilla extract instead of almond, and unsweetened coconut instead of sweetened (couldn’t find sweetened). To that I added about 1 1/4 cups of sugar.

Jonathan, I can’t remember if you like coconut or not… And for how purely coconut the macaroons are, you’ll either tip one way or the other. BUT. I had to add the recipe because everyone loved them. They were SO perfect for that new spring event I mentioned I wanted to start up for InterVarsity… everyone loved them!!! They taste like fluff and spring, lightly toasted.

The main reason I think you’d appreciate these macaroons is that they are sweet and tart… and not too sweet. Now aren’t you glad I know you so well? =)


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