Baked cinnamon apples [mush] and almonds

Yo, here’s that thing I was telling you about that I thought you’d like. It’s just the thing for foggy, rain-drippy days – which, guessing from the Pittsburgh forecast that I just now checked, is exactly the kind of weather you’re having over there.


I know. It looks mushy – it totally is. But baked in honey, cinnamon, a bit of ginger and vanilla extract (or whatever savory things you have on hand), these apples are a perfect balance of tart, sweet and warm. Add almonds at some point. Await waft of festive smell. Keep in foil for warmth. Serve to friends coming in from the cold. Feel warm and fuzzy inside. Yay!

(Recipe adapted from here. I used only 5 small Granny Smith apples, nixed nutmeg, added ginger, added slight vanilla extract, added almonds, substituted brown sugar for 1/2 cup of honey. The apples really do shrink down, though…)

Tip1: Liquefy honey by pouring into heatproof cup, then placing cup in bowl of hot water.

Tip2: Cover apples evenly with honey mixture by putting it all in a large Ziploc bag and rolling it around!)


1 Comment

  1. Great to eat esp. on a day like today … drizzling, dark, cloudy ….. more rain
    mostly throughout the day ….. !!

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