Sundried tomato pesto fusilli and garlic bread

Errr, I should be doing my Korean homework. Alas! Fusilli first. I’m also realizing that dinner parties are half the fuel for this blog. I love expected positive externalities.

Here’s what goes in the food processor for the pesto: sundried tomatoes, olive oil, toasted pine nuts. But then I accidentally told Kunis to stick the spinach in there, too, which is why the pesto came out looking like something horribly beige and green. I’ll admit – I panicked. But I should’ve had faith in the fusilli, whose swirls just slurped that pesto up. Add in more spinach shreds, the leftover pine nuts, some grated parmesan, fresh cherry tomatoes… and you have yourself a major winner. (YAY! Thank you Food & Wine! The sundried tomatoes are like magic.

Season with mo’ peppah.

And I have to add Kunis’ simple and superawesome garlic bread, which smelt ridiculously, gratifyingly garlicky.

1. Toast 6-ish cloves of garlic in oven/toaster in 250 degrees for a bit.

2. Chop up.

3. Get that par-baked bread from TJ’s, slice, drizzle slices with olive oil and chopped garlic.

4. Stick in oven for 20 minutes at 250~300 degrees / until they start browning!

(Makes 2 slices for 5 peeps.)



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