Banana, honey and cinnamon muffins

These muffins could have been a disaster, had I not realized that:

a) I had accidentally doubled the baking soda amount;

b) 180 degrees is a strange baking temperature;

c) this recipe was using Australian measurements… because it’s from Celsius-using Australia.

Well, common sense? – better late than never.

In the end, GREAT recipe find, Jonathan. The banana-level of these muffins are up to Jonathan-standard. (I wonder if it’s the entire teaspoon of vanilla extract that brings them out?) Also, I could’ve sworn I tasted the honey and cinnamon, like, f’realz. Or maybe that was the faux-gourmand in me convincing me so. Finally, the muffins totally satisfy the fluff factor.

My peeps and I were sitting outside on a second-floor terrace of a new, ivy-trellised building today, eating these muffins and reading a few Psalms from the Bible. Ohmygosh it was great. Jonathan, you have to make these and pass them around to your friends!

Anyway. Here’s what’s important, for when you try these: 180 degrees C ~ 356 degrees F. That’s all, folks.



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