Strawberry banana smoothie

As you once said, Jonathan, strawberry + banana is the perfect marriage of fruit. (Or one of them, at least.)

This smoothie was sponsored by leftovers from Jason’s extravagant flambée yesterday (at the same occasion of the previous post’s crackers).

But that’s another fancy post for another day.

…Oh, the versatility of fruit!

Add Greek yogurt, rice milk, ice cubes and a squeeze of lemon (oh, and the sparse remains of some apple sauce I had), and you’ve got yourself a pink delight. Throw proportions to the wind, and throw it all in! Greek yogurt will thicken it up, though; ice will break it down.

Superhero smoothie!

(Ohmygosh, this is totally non sequitur, but Jonathan – remember those awesome Oreo cookie milkshakes you used to make me and my friends at our sleepovers!? =D Hehehe.)


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