Couscous and roasted vegetables

Ooh, boy! Aimee and I moved into our summer place, and our first home-cooked dinner looked totally San Francisco. See that couscous? See those roasted vegetables?

Couscous – all you need is water and butter or olive oil. It’s crazy good. You just get that water boilin’, pour the couscous in, get it off the flame, let it sit, and fluff it up after a few minutes (the funnest part).

Mix in some sauteed spinach and mushrooms if you wanna get fancy; egg whites for the extra mile.

Roasted vegetables – all you need is olive oil, 350 degrees and 20 minutes. (If you’ve read anything else from this blog, you’ll know I’m a major fan.) The carrots get so sweet, mmm…

P.S. Couscous is also delicious cold, which makes it a wonderful next-day leftovers lunch.


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