Your nuttiest spinach bell pepper pasta

As I mentioned to Aimee before, I’m all for dressing the very unconventional vegetable pasta with simple vegetables – to bring out all that subtle flavor.

So, tonight I just went for sauteed julienned spinach and bell peppers (which were fire-roasted for me by my friend Trader Joe’s). Browning that garlic in olive oil first makes so much difference! I promise, I promise. It deeply flavors the olive oil for the rest of the pasta.

I also went ahead and threw in the few pine nuts we had. And Aimee likes things salty, so I chopped up some salted pistachios and threw those in, too.

The bell peppers add some sweet. The nuts add some crunch.

Heyheyhey! for pseudo-Italian dishes! I totally think you should try this one.


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