Balsamic roasted carrot and mushroom salad

I seriously doubt that “balsamic roasting” to the pros is what I did. ‘Cause all I did was toss shredded carrots and mushroom in balsamic vinegar [hence, “balsamic”] and then stick in a 450-degree oven [hence, “roasting”].

Easy-peasy! Fancy title, little work!

For, maybe 16.37 minutes?

Meanwhile, I julienned tons of spinach, halved cherry tomatoes, and threw it all around in olive oil and pepper, in a large Ziploc bag (always super fun). Then I added in the carrot and mushrooms, and did the olive oil-pepper thing again.

MMMM. What heavenly balsamic scent – I highly recommend.

(That is, I highly recommend taking sophisticated-sounding cooking techniques and playing around with them. Keep your ingredient list down, and what could go wrong?)

P.S. I keep forgetting to mention: when I roast veggies in olive oil, I seriously just mean tossing them with olive oil in a bowl, and then tossing them into a pan. Tossing is so much fun! =P


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