Mushroom sesame garlic toast

Rough-chop some garlic, and stick 450-degree oven for a few.

Heat some olive oil on a pan, brown some more garlic, throw on the  mushrooms.

Good so far?

Take that garlic outta the oven – it needs a break.

Slather some more olive oil over some bread.

Chop/smoosh (yes, smoosh) that oven-roasted garlic (carefully – they might be hot!), and spread over bread.

Drop the mushroom on top, and – why not? – some sesame seeds while you’re at it.

Stick all back in oven.

Reduce temp to 350 for 10 more minutes (or something). Or keep at 450 for a shorter time if you can’t wait. And actually, it just depends on how long your bread takes to toast.

Hey, it’s a vague process. But it’s okay. Variables are exciting!


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