Classic fried rice

Yay! I’m glad to be back here! (It’s Aimee.)

Fried rice is usually made when there is day-old rice that needs to be used, but since we did not have any old rice sitting around, I cooked some on the spot. Then, I put the rice in the refrigerator to cool. Our refrigerator is on some crazy high cold setting (I’ve been eating frozen cottage cheese this week) so the rice immediately cooled. (I’ve never tried making fried rice with hot, freshly-cooked  rice before, but it might turn out mushy in the end so I didn’t want to risk it.) Meanwhile, I stir-fried some eggs and put them aside. Next, I stir-fried the cold rice, green onions, carrots, corn, peas and mushrooms, along with some salt and soy sauce for flavoring. Lastly I mixed the eggs back in. And now you have fried rice! It’s so simple to make and generally a popular dish that is always great for big groups. Or when you have day-old rice that you need to get rid of.

Goodbye for now, but I hope I get to write on here again (in case you’re reading this Nina)! And next time I think I might be feeling more adventurous. =]


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