CHICKEN. baked easy.

This is, like, ridiculously delicious.

Given that all I did was pour olive oil on chicken breast, and then stick it in the oven (400 degrees) for 20 minutes.

Oh, and add some salt and pepper beforehand, both sides.

Ohmygosh, I almost forgot. The crushed red pepper flakes. They pack in the punch. Duh. I’m pretty sure I was several bites in, thinking Wow, this is surprisingly good. Where is this heat coming from? before I realized Yeah, it’s the red – definitely the red.

Then, put it all on a pretty green bed of spinach, and you’ve got sophistication on a plate! In fact, I made this for my friend Eric a few nights ago and he legitimately said it was better than the grilled chicken he ate at Stanford’s newest dining hall.

Very proud moment!!! =P

P.S. Jonathan, I couldn’t help think this could have been one of your one-hundred-percent-protein posts… except it was missing your other favorite thing – avocado. Hehehe.


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