Garlic-infused spinach pasta

Simple pasta:

Olive oil, heating all innocent-like in a pan. But DON’T let it get too hot before you drop in slices of garlic! Otherwise, the garlic shrivels up in a black and discouragingly smoky chaos. Rather, get the garlic (half a whole clove’s worth, preferably) in early, to brown under your watchful eye.

Meanwhile, get your sous chef/other hand/nearby stranger to julienne a bunch of fresh basil and several bunches of spinach. (Julienne = grab a handful, roll it up and then slice it. The result should be a bunch of pretty, green, edible party streamers on your cutting board.)

But when your pasta is done cooking (and not too soft, now) and drained, get the greens and olive oil in the big pot immediately so that the greens wilt in the heat. And for how invisible that olive oil is, boy will you taste the garlic!

Hence, “garlic-infused.” Just throw the word out there if you want people to think you’re a total, like, kitchenmaster.

E basta! Per una pasta semplice e deliziosa.


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