Pasta di tonno

I think tuna, red chili pepper and olive oil go great together. I can’t help it. It’s one of those I’ve-cooked-this-with-the-‘rents-so-many-times-I-can’t-help-but-be-sentimentally-attached dishes.


You need one large pot to cook the pasta. Then you need a pan to heat olive oil, sautee chopped garlic, toss in tuna (canned or otherwise), and sprinkle in pepper and red chili pepper flakes. (The thing you need the least of, seriously, is time. Ten minutes is good. If you’re going over 10 minutes, your penne must be getting soft or something.)

When the pasta’s done, drain it, and then throw in the sauce while it’s all still hot.


P.S. Those bits of yellow are pieces of marinated bell peppers that I had on hand. They added a bit of sweet to the tuna-salty.



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