Tacu tacu con atun

* KIN KITCHENS MEETS KARINA, my most wonderful of amigas peruanas (slash my only one, but therefore the best):


-cooked white or brown rice

-2 raw eggs

-1 cup of cooked beans (can be black eyed peas)



-canned tuna fish


1. Get a pan and place a bit of oil on the pan. Then put cut up onion on the pan, let the onion “die” (meaning let it become almost see-through)

2. Then place the cooked rice on the pan along with the beans. If you want you can crush the beans before putting them in the pan.

3. Mix all of the things in #2 and then make a whole in the middle of the pan and place the 2 raw eggs on that and then once the eggs have kind of cooked a bit mix everything!

4. Add salt (and pepper if you want) to your taste.

5. Then Nina added tuna, and that gave it a good seafood flavor 🙂

Then you are doonneee!!




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