Garlic fried rice (with scrambled eggs)


Tonight is “Breakfast for Dinner” night! =] (I LOVE breakfast foods even though I don’t wake up most of the time to eat it.)

Well that might not be what this picture looks like, but garlic fried rice is breakfast food in the Philippines (according to Google). We had day old rice left over from making tacu tacu so I fried it with some green onions, celery, mushrooms, and chopped garlic. Then, I made scrambled eggs with mushrooms, celery, and onions. First, I cooked the vegetables in a saucepan with some oil on medium-low heat. Meanwhile, I beat the eggs with about 2 Tbsp of milk in a bowl and added the mixture to the saucepan. This was the first time I added milk to eggs, and it really made a difference! The eggs were softer and fluffier (and slightly greenish because of the celery-so now I also know how to make “Green Eggs” Dr. Seuss style. Hehe.).



1 Comment

  1. Hey Jonathan, we should definitely try this one esp since I love breakfast
    any time of the day or night 😀

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