Tamagodon (egg rice)

Hi it’s Aimee again! We were thinking of ways to cook brown rice and this was the first thing that came to mind. I cooked brown rice on the stove. Then, I sauteed some onions in a pot and then threw in eggs. The trick to cooking these eggs is to not mix the egg whites and yolks completely. I swirled the eggs a bit with a fork so the mix of yellow and white resembled those vanilla ice cream cups with fudge swirls (except hopefully the swirls are actually yellow). When the eggs are half liquid-y, we threw the eggs and onion mixture from the pan into the rice and closed the lid to the pot to let it sit for a few minutes. Nina sauteed some broccoli. To serve, mix everything together and add some nori furikake rice topping, available at Asian supermarkets (if you don’t have prepared ones, you can make some on your own with salt, nori seaweed, bonito flakes, which are tuna flakes, and sesame seeds). And there you have a fusion tamagodon! =]


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