Cold noodles with peanut sauce

I hosted an Olympic opening ceremony party on Friday night at our apartment! Friends, food, and Olympics on a Friday night = win. The main dish was cold peanut noodles, which I thought would be a good fit for a summer dinner party.  I grew up eating this on warm summer nights (although this is not nearly as delicious as my grandmother’s and summer nights here are far from warm), but still it was a success for the most part, judging by how much everyone devoured that night. I didn’t follow a specific recipe and didn’t measure each ingredient so measurements are approximate.

Peanut Sauce: Mix 1 cup peanut butter (I used organic crunchy peanut butter and it worked fine), 1 cup hot water, 3 Tbs soy sauce, 2 Tbs vinegar, 2 Tbs sesame oil, 1 Tbs honey, minced ginger, and minced garlic.

Noodles: I used spaghetti. After cooking them, I drained them and ran them through cold water. Then I mixed in some sesame oil so the noodles don’t stick together.

Toppings: Shred up an egg omelette, cucumber, carrots, and green onions. Shredded chicken breast would also go great if this doesn’t need to be vegetarian. (Shredding the cucumber and carrots actually took the longest for me out of all of these steps.)

Mix the noodles with the peanut sauce and toppings and sprinkle with some sesame seeds.

Enjoy! =]


* Note from Nina: The recipe you see here is Version 2.0, perfected from an original, and still yummy, experiment. Well, aren’t you lucky! Hehe.


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