Cappellini di funghi

Soooooo, spoiler: this was delicious. The most crucial aspects are the longer length of the mushrooms (appropriate for cappellini and spaghetti), the sweetness of the red onion, and the quality of olive oil drizzled at the end.

Boil cappellini for ~4 minutes.

Chop ~half an onion (more for more eaters) into strips. Sautee in a pan of hot olive oil, until slightly browning. Toss in several handfuls of washed, stem-trimmed mushrooms. Keep stirring in high heat.

Season with salt, pepper and oregano.

When the mushrooms look soft and the onions nicely browned, drizzle in some balsamic vinegar (not too much, maybe a tablespoon?) and stir occasionally. Wait until your kitchen smells absolutely delicious.

Mix contents of the pan into the drained cappellini. Let a garnish of julienned spinach or basil wilt in the heat of the other ingredients.

Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of pepper.

This recipe was inspired by Aimee’s great love of mushrooms, and her suggestion that onions are one of her favorite accompaniments. I can’t wait until you try it!!


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