Cumin collards, carrots, celery and onion

It was a revelation finding that cumin and collard greens were perfect complements. Once the collard greens were wilting in the pan, the smell of cumin suddenly seemed entirely appropriate. Weird! But now we know.

This was easy. I got some olive oil hot in the pan, and sauteed a quarter of an onion until a few were tanning (which here means not-yet-totally-brown). Then I threw in two carrots, chopped up. When the carrots were decently softened, I added about a stalk’s worth of celery. In total, this probably took about 20 minutes, adding salt along the way.

Once everything seemed decently cooked, I added in three huge handfuls (well, however “huge” my hands can manage) of collard greens. Sizzle was the sound as they wilted into the mix.

And that’s where the cumin comes in. Lots of cumin! Like, teaspoons!

You’ll see. It’s great.


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