Office salad, with few characters

Not all salads are delicious, but they can be. They can also be incredibly simple, hearty and oddly encouraging to the body and mind. This salad was all these things.

It started with a standard, store bought case of mixed greens, which I shook up with good olive oil, salt and pepper — my personally fundamental dressing components.

Then I placed some of those freshly and dynamically dressed greens in a bowl and added half an avocado, several garlic-stuffed olives from a jar and a boiled egg.

(Unfortunately, Jonathan, this recipe does require the advance work of boiling an egg. To avoid this, one could perhaps replace it with deli turkey meat or canned tuna, which offers the added bonus of making your can opener feel productive.)

This salad is so nice because of the balance of elements from very few starring ingredients: crunch and vinegar from the olives, creaminess from the avocado, and the intellectual bonus of knowing you’re consuming protein from the wondrous egg. Salt and pepper accentuate it all. Good olive oil is ideal — which is true for everything. In fact, I would suggest keeping good olive oil handy at your actual desk.


Does your office have a refrigerator? If so, you can keep all the ingredients in there and assemble this for lunch! You can do so at your desk, but preferably on a kitchen counter. I suspect the process would contribute to any aura of mystery you may already have at the office.


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