Vegetable stew

You have to chop up vegetables into large chunks and then let them get hot and friendly with each other in a pot. Maybe for an hour. They don’t even need water — they bring it with them! But they could do with some sprinkling of oregano and thyme, perhaps, and some salt and pepper toward the end of their bonding. Great with a big hunk of bread! Oooh, you’ll feel so good after eating this — physically and mentally, knowing you’ve got all these colorful veggies inside of you. I’d say allot yourself a good 1.5 to 2 hours for this, including all the chopping and waiting. It’s a therapeutic kind of cooking, really.

Make sure you cut into big chunks. Big chunks. Sam was very good at ensuring I was chopping into big chunks, and it really improved the quality of this stew.

Ingredients pictured: Eggplants, onions, green and yellow zucchini, tomato. We got all ours from the small and local Saturday farmers’ market that very morning. (My next step is to get Sam to review this copy, because I’m sure there is other expert insight that went into our stew that I’m completely neglecting.)


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