About us


This is the casual kitchen blog of a brother and a sister living in Chicago and New York City, respectively. We each know a lot more about sophisticated food, fancy restaurants and fine dining than we did when we were little kiddies… but our kitchens still see some fabulously basic things. When we remember to photograph them and want to make a splash about it to each other, we’re putting them up here.


More Background & History:

In October 2011, we started this blog. At the time we wrote:

Jonathan is at Carnegie Mellon and Nina is in San Francisco. We’re brother and sister. People used to think we were twins, back when Nina was actually the same height and Jonathan had not yet grown ten thousand feet taller. We have a cat named Chip! (He’s a Beanie Baby, but he’s just as spirited as the live animals, and maybe more.) This year, we’re sharing recipes as we cook in our respective college and non-college apartments. It’s edible, uncharted territory. It’s awesomely adventuresome! Fortunately, we’ve spent our lives mastering the following:

  • cereal
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  • salami and [parmesan] cheese on baguette

And this is where we are now:


However, we operate under the assumption that tastiness is not private property. Hence, the hopefully useful, slightly unbalanced, sort of random, sibling blog creation of… KinKitchens!




  1. Awesome blog! I will be at Stanford myself next year and have a question for you, Nina. Have you ever had a meal plan? What is the food in the cafeteria like?

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